It Is Not Abuse, If You Have a Whistle

 I went to a spelling bee the other day. Instead of sitting in chairs, the students were lined up on the stage, kneeling on one knee facing the crowd in a packed auditorium. 
The moderator paced in front of the contestants carrying one of those long foam pool noodles. The kids were given words to spell and every time they got one wrong, the mediator would yell, "You're a disgrace... a shame to your school! Why are you smiling? You have nothing to be proud of, much less smile about." And then smacked them with the pool noodle. 

Of course, the kids hated it. They complained; the other moderators watching complained; and some namby pampy parents had to throw their two cents in. 


What they failed to comprehend was the glory of the plan: strength building through intimidation.

Pretty awesome, right?

Fortunatkey, that never happened. But I did go to a football game the other night where players in a huddle were chastised, hit, and bullied. 

And it seems like to many people, that is okay. 

I'm guessing it's because that moderator wears a little whistle, and you know what they say about guys with little whistles...

No, I'm not talking about their tiny personalities. I'm talking about how the little whistle sets them apart and above all
the other childcare workers and teachers in the world. 

They can tell kids they're disgraceful and that they have nothing in this world to be proud of or smile about, and it's okay. 

Because they have whistles.  All their hateful words are magically transformed into "pep talks"; every strike to the shoulder or leg, every jerk of the hand becomes an "at-a-boy".

Isn't it amazing? It's not abuse, if you can call it coaching. 

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