Some Days It's the Little Things...

Time for my small things check-in. Thanks to our hosts LexaL  .G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly reminder to look for the good things in life! 

There are always good things going on, even during busy weeks when we barely have time to stop and count a blessing. 

This has been one of those busy weeks, but lots of good things are going on. The holidays are coming...really fast! I haven't shopped...have no idea what to buy, but I'm not panicking. I like to do all of my panicking last minute. 

Caleb is home for the weekend. That's always a good thing. He flies back on Monday...drives home again on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. I've picked up a turkey and two breasts- to insure we have left-overs.  

We're going to see Thor tomorrow. I've been patiently waiting for all the boys to be home before heading to the theater. Thor and I are tight, you know. 

Totally not photoshopped
My father-in-law had surgery this week to remove cancerous lymph nodes. The surgery went well. We're praying they've gotten it all and he gets a clean bill of health. 

Some good things to check out...

On Netflix: Black Mirror
An anthology of tales with twists and turns, much like Twilight Zone. I watched the first season and I'll certainly be watching the rest. 

And for Mac, I must add the book I read this week!

Check it out on Goodreads
Christine Rains' stories never let me down. They're always fun reads with likable characters. The Totem series is no exception. If you enjoy paranormal action romance, this is a book for you. 
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